Our Protocols

Our Service Commitment

Here at Harry’s Shoes Plus our team is dedicated and passionate about what we do and about doing it better than anyone else. We are approachable and helpful and often assist our clients in making sure that what they order is best suited to their needs. We stand by the quality of our products and guarantee that we will replace at no expense to the client any product that does not meet our supply standard.

Our Freight Policy

Harry’s Shoes Plus delivers all over Australia and as our business grows and expands, we are fortunate that more and more locations are joining our family of customers.

Our preference is to deliver Free-In-Store but sometimes this is just not possible primarily due to two things [i] size of order & [ii] distance of journey.

As such we may have to apply a freight charge as follows:

  • If the order is less than $2,000.00 GST exclusive;
  • Where the destination is beyond Southern NSW, Sydney, Brisbane & most of South Australia;
  • If your location is in a difficult to reach area and major freight lines don’t go there.

If you have special arrangements with local carriers we are happy to work with you to keep these costs to a minimum.

Our Return Policy

In Australia, all goods sold come with a warranty for fair wear and tear. If these goods are found to be faulty they will be replaced.